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You Are Doing It Wrong 2Book Buyers Secrets Finally Exposed

Welcome to ePubWealth.com and thank you for coming to our website.  My name is Dr. Treat Preston and I am the Editor-in-Chief for ePubWealth.com.  If you are buying books at retail prices then you are doing it wrong and I am going to show you how to buy books at discounted prices every time and all of the time.  At ePubWealth.com, our goal and allegiance is to our readers. Order our FREE report “5-Things You Do Wrong When Buying Books”. There is no obligation on your part; the report is FREE!  Go here to download it immediately:


Please take advantage of our free offer above because you will save big money on all your book buying needs.  Now, ePubWealth.com offers its readers a wholesale book buying club.  Read on for big savings.

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Buying books at wholesale prices is easy and it saves you a ton of money.  Our EPW Wholesale Book Club costs a one-time fee of just $9.95 and you can order as many books as you wish.

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At ePubWealth.com, we are committed to our readers and customers of all types from libraries, book clubs, authors, and book sellers of all types.  Try us for yourselves and see the difference.

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Below are a few book/products marketing sites that work very well for me…enjoy

1)    www.databaseemailer.com is Information Management Magazines, Innovative Solutions Award Winner. It is the USA’s largest business and consumer email data provider. Tens of millions of B2B employee data records are broken down by several criteria. Currently there are over 200 million resident opt-in email data records databases with full name and postal address and each record has the IP address, Website opt-in source and registration date.They also have developed innovative software that automates marketing. Read on…

2) www.SoftwareIsHere.com You also have at your disposal several software programs to automate your book marketing. For example the email system enables you to email for under $25 per million emails sent and many b2b data scrapers. www.ContactPageSubmitter.com enables free automated contacting of about 5,000 businesses per day.

3) www.EmailNotices.com   If you go to Google and Search: Municipal Emailing you will see www.EmailNotices.com has been page one position one for 12 years. The ability to show Municipalities that Email Notices is a leader in the industry it benefits your marketing. Having its IP address white listed with over 100 ISP’s enables massive emailing. The system insulates municipal governments from Open Public Record Act requests that would require the municipal government to turn over its residents email addresses.

4)  www.PeekAbooAuctions.com  Is an innovative Reverse Blind Auction which promotes Businesses or Book Gift Certificates at no additional cost.  Businesses on average receive 90% of the face value of the certificates and winners can obtain up to 99% discounts. The system has an ingenious automated system to choose the time interval between bids & automated buying price of the gift certificates. The Peekaboo system also enables Businesses to have an innovative Referral Rewards system, in that it provides all residents with the ability to obtain bidding credits for the Gift Certificates. The key here is businesses have a way to compensate residents by digitally transferring value instead of having to cut checks AND the business is able to obtain this value at 50% less than the perceived value the resident obtains.

5)  www.ReverseTips.com  A real-time cash transfer service which enables business to pay 25 cents on the entire dollar of the sale—ZERO percentage of sale is charged— instead of paying 3% +25 Cents to Visa/MC/AMEX.  To incentivize buyers to use it the seller can decide how much of the 3% that would have gone to VISA/MC/AMEX will instead be provided as a cash back “Reverse Tip” to the buyer. The user of the Reverse Tips service may choose to take the cash or receive double the cash value in PeekABoo Gift certificate credits. So if the user gets back $3.00 on $100 purchase they can obtain $6 of Peekaboo Gift Certificate credits.

6)   www.PostcardBuyingGroup.com is a postcard service which enables businesses to mail new home owners (6X9 with 4/4 colors) laser jetted postcard with the business offer, including logo for just .79 cents per postcard, data cost and postage cost and handling cost.  The .79 per card can be obtained for any quantity –even 1 postcard— snail mailed per month and it includes their physical address, new home owner data cost, printing cost and the postage cost! Can you imagine trying to deal with a new homeowner data supplier to buy a few local new home owners per month—they would want $200 minimum. Imagine what a printer would charge to print a few postcards! Imagine what a mail house would cost to handle on average 20 postcards per month! Our aggregate postcard system makes this all possible for Advertisers. We consolidate the entire job to obtain economies of scale. All printing with logo, offers, etc. is dynamically done front and back on the fly per data record.

8) www.ToRemind.me  which is a business follow-up and personal reminder system that collects masses of consumer optin email data that can be used to promote your books/products

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